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Hedgewars for Android build environment – FINAL


Hello, quite a bit has been changed since the previous build environment post i made, although netto there are less changes than i though (I switched back and forth between several versions :)).

Instead of referring to the previous post I will copy some stuff from the previous post to keep all the info here.

Hedgewars has four main dependencies:

  • OpenGL ES 1.1
  • SDL
  • FreePascal
  • Lua

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Android, libgcc, libpthread, libdl



this will be a little post about linking with android, I suspect a few more of these posts since I’m kind of struggling with linking… For those which have not read the previous post about the project I am working on: Hedgewars port to Android. I am porting the engine of hedgewars to android, the complicated issues are:

  • The engine is written in FreePascal and thus we cannot use the provided build environment of Android (it only supports C/C++)
  • It relies on SDL which hasn’t completely been ported to Android
  • Needs opengl

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Hedgewars build environment


NOTE: Do not use this guide, use this instead


In this post I will be describing the build environment I use to cross compile the hedgewars engine to arm-linux. The hedgewars engine has two ‘main’ dependencies:

  • SDL
  • OpenGL

The engine is written in FreePascal so we’ll need those the fpc system units as well. Plus we will need some android development tools too. Luckily a lot of the work has been done for us already. There’s an official port of SDL to android and the fpc bindings for opengl es 1.1 are readily available. Lets start downloading what we need:

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GSoC – Hedgewars port to Android



Starting May 24th I will be coding for GSoC (Google Summer of Code)! I will be porting Hedgewars to Android, the port *should* be completed half august.

So what is GSoC? GSoC is an project of Google to help students and Open source projects. Around February / March Open Source organisations/projects can apply to Google for a spot in the GSoC program. This year 175 projects got picked. These lucky 175 had to provide list with ideas for students to carry out. After a couple of weeks students get to apply to these organisations. Organisations get between 2 and 30 slots to fill up with students (or 60+ if you’re a really big organisation, think KDE/GNU)

I applied to one of these organisations, Hedgewars. I did so with this proposal: goo.gl/Rn9K2. I also did quite some research before applying, and a small code example: http://code.google.com/p/hedgewars-test-cases-xeli/ The reason why I applied to Hedgewars is because I’ve played Worms quite a bit and Hedgewars has quite some resemblance to it. Plus it is a port to Android and I’m into Android at the moment, because of my previous job (Android Developer). Hedgewars had 2 slots open, together with David Young (who will be working on the AI of Hedgewars) we got picked out of 66 other people. I’m quite pleased with that =)

In the coming weeks I’ll be posting a lot about this port I think, and because it’s an open source project expect a lot of code snippets! :)


First post!



Welcome to my very first personal blog! I’m very excited to try everything out and mess with just about everything on this server so don’t be suprised to find a whole different look next time you visit this page.


This server is hosted by www.xlshosting.nl. As the TLD hints it is a company located in the netherlands and although I’ve only had this server for a small week, I must say I am very happy to have my VPS hosted by them. From being no customer at all to SSH’ing into my VPS took a 5 minute form + an hour wait for them to process everything. The next day it also took them only an hour or two to link www.xelification.com to the correct ip. Very happy with them! The VPS is nothing fancy, it’s the cheapest they have:

  • 512MB ram
  • 2.2 ghz running on 1 core
  • 10gb hdd
  • 250GB bandwidth

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